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Svenskt glas gåvor inredning Vas Vitreum Mikael Kenlind

Give away Swedish crafts - Gifts that last!

At Vas Vitreum, you will find Swedish-made Christmas gifts, anniversary gifts and memorial gifts for the company's employees and contractors.

Below you will find some of our most popular series.

Since all products are made by hand, it is good to be out in good time.

For larger orders , contact us for a quote.

Feel free to contact us if you wish  sample of a product or need additional information regarding  quote on  logo marking or  gift wrapping. The amount limit for a deductible Christmas gift to employees is currently SEK 450 including VAT.

One  anniversary gift  may cost up to SEK 1,350 including VAT and may be given when the company celebrates the company celebrates its 25th, 50th, 75th or 100th anniversary.

One  memorial gift  may cost up to SEK 15,000 including VAT and be handed over to a permanent employee who reaches a certain age (eg the employee's 50th birthday), a longer period of employment (25 years or more) or when an employment ends.

For more information see: The Swedish Tax Agency 's website

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