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Mikael Kenlind

At the age of 8, Mikael Kenlind, fifth-generation glass craftsman, got his first small glassblowing bench made by his grandfather. Mikael grew up in a glass factory environment, trained by both the family and the Venetian master Benito Marcolin, who was active at Vas Vitreum for eight years. In this way, he gained an exceptional understanding of the material and the craft early on. Today, Mikael is one of the few glass designers who can actually manufacture the final product. This can be seen in the variety of his collections, where everything from the Swedish Graal and Ariel techniques are represented, to classic Venetian filigree, but also his own, Vitreo Captum enamel technique. Mikael's art glass is inspired by everything from architecture to pop art and nature. He strives for perfection both as a craftsman and designer.

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