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Glass factory, glass cabin


Glass and crystal are not easy to describe. Its physical structure is neither liquid, solid nor gaseous.  Using traditional knowledge in the craft, molten crystal is formed into objects, each  with your own personality and unique expression. A large part of Vas Vitreum's collections are manufactured without molds, only with the help of the master's eyes and experience to create the final product.


One  high-quality raw material is of utmost importance in the production of world-leading crystal. Therefore, Vas Vitreum uses a specially made crystal mixture with properties such as a high refractive index, which gives superb reflection and great weight. The crystal melts at a temperature of 1400 degrees Celsius, but is then lowered to a working temperature of 1100 degrees.

A lesson in the craft


Every single product from Vas Vitreum is genuinely handmade in  family  glass cabin  in Vadstena. This allows  Vas Vitreum  to have full control at every step from design to finished product.  







All crystal objects begin their life as sand. To produce crystal of the highest quality, the raw materials need to be  very clean and  almost completely free of iron and other metal oxides.  The sand Vas Vitreum uses  comes from Belgium and is located at a depth of 50 meters.








The sand is mixed with lime, soda and  potash, which is then tied together  to pelletized form. About 300 kg of pellets are then melted in the large oven at  a temperature of 1400 degrees Celsius. The whole process takes 8 hours.









The glass can then be shaped, often with the help of wet newspaper  and blown into various objects. A large part of the glassworks Vas Vitreum's collections are made completely freehand without molds,  only with the help of the master's experience and craftsmanship, to realize the product.







All manufactured items must be cooled slowly when they are ready in the cabin.  This is done in a softening oven that maintains a temperature of  520 ° C.  The cooling process takes from 12 hours to several days, depending on the thickness of the object.








Each object becomes  then cold worked and ground in the bottom with at least three steps.  











The finished product is signed  with Vas Vitreum, article number, color and designer.







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