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The family's history in the glass craft stretches far back in time.


Grandfather's father, Gustav Augustsson worked for many years with the designers, Simon Gate and Edward Hald and realized many of their ideas.  and 

visions. Most famous from that time is the Paris exhibition in 1925, when Orrefors, Simon Gate and Edward Hald won it  "Grand Prix".   



Gustav Augustsson - Sandvik glassworks, was one of only five masters who made the award-winning glass for the exhibition in 1925 and was awarded a gold medal for it. The other four masters were: Viktor Jakobsson - Sandvik, Knut and Gustaf Bergquist - Orrefors and the master engraver Gustaf Abels - Orrefors.



The Paris exhibition 1925. The Swedish pavilion.





Gustav Augustsson began his career very early at the age of six. He started working at Kosta glassworks, when he was 12 and became a master at the age of 24.


Trophy made by Gustav Augustsson at Sandvik's glassworks in 1920. Engraved with his own  monogram, signed with dedication "to Master Blower Gustav Augustsson from Simon Gate".





Children Augustsson, started like his  Father  work with glass at an early age. He was 11 years old when he started working at Sandvik glassworks. After that he moved and worked for a short time at the glassworks in Åseda.


Later he replaced his father as master of Sandvik's glassworks in 1948.


Bottle, designed and manufactured by Börne Augustsson at Åseda Glasbruk in 1948. The series is also named after him.

Manufactured by Börne Augustsson at Sandvik's glassworks in 1960.  



Lars Börnesson, the 4th generation of craftsmen began his career in Ekenässjön and later at Kosta glassworks  where he first met and worked with the artist Lisa Bauer.


In 1985, master engraver Lars Börnesson decided to start his own company. The name Vas Vitreum is Latin and means: "object of glass".


Cup, blown by Börne Augustsson and engraved by Lars Börnesson.



The prestigious assignment to work with the artist Lisa Bauer and to perform one of the world's largest handmade glass engravings in Linköping Cathedral went to Vas Vitreum and Lars Börnesson. The engraving consists of 180 windows with the Virgin Mary in floral ornaments. About ninety species from the Nordic flora can be seen in the windows. The whole process took ten years to complete.



The 5th generation Mikael Kenlind started at the company in 2002. Like the others  family, he also began to learn the craft early. He was only 8 years old when his grandfather did  a small  glass worker bench to him. A few years later, when he joined the company, he benefited from his  grew up when he learned a lot from the craft, which made it easy to take over the master's place at the family's glassworks in Vadstena.


He also had the privilege of working with the Venetian master Benito Marcolin during his time at Vas Vitreum.


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