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VAS VITREUM  stands for quality craftsmanship and brings together all the outstanding parts  from the Swedish crystal industry. The glassworks is run today  of fourth and fifth generation glass craftsmen who  combines design, experience and knowledge to  create beautiful objects of the highest quality.


The  first  four  generations  in  the family  worked  with  Big  success  for  the  world famous  glass use  Orrefors, Kosta Boda and Sandvik. Grandfather's father Gustav  Augustsson, was one of only five champions who  made the award-winning glass for the Paris Exhibition  in 1925 and for it was awarded a gold medal.


In 1985, the master engraver Lars Börnesson, decided  fourth generation of glass craftsmen to found  their own company. The name Vas Vitreum is Latin and  means: "glass object". The glassworks has since  had many major assignments, including being together  with Lisa Bauer performing one of the world's greatest  handmade glass engravings, Mariakoret in Linköping  cathedral. The engraving consists of 180 windows with  Virgin Mary i  flower arrangements.  About ninety species of  the nordic flora can be seen in the windows. The whole work  took ten years to implement.


The fifth generation, Mikael Kenlind started  the company in 2002. Mikael was only 8 years old when  his grandfather made another small glass-blowing bench  him. Since then, his fascination with it  hot melt crystal led him to explore and  learn the craft. Today, 20 years later, inspired by  family tradition, he is responsible for the design  and product development at the glassworks  Vas Vitreum. Famous for  knowledge, creativity and passion for the material.

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